Each game may last up to 60 minutes.


The game is available in English and Portuguese.


We ask you to be at Faro Escape Game 10 minutes in advance, for a little briefing of the game.


We do not have a bank card payment method. Payment should be done with cash.


You should only use your reasoning and skill. The use of strength is highly inappropriate.


You should not inappropriately use the game objects and content, so that no players could be harmed nor the space could be damaged.


During the game you can not use objects from outside of the game space. The players will be requested to leave their personal objects in a safe at the reception.


Each game will be monitored by our internal video circuit.


The game consists of having the players locked in a themed room. However, the space is immediately opened if required.


The players can contact the Faro Escape Game member accompanying their game (room master) at any time.


Team members should listen to the game master and follow all his requests.


Choosing to play, the participant is assuming the understanding and acceptance of these rules.

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