Each game can last up to 60 minutes.


The game is available in Portuguese and English.


We ask that you arrive at the location 10 minutes before the scheduled time for a brief introduction to the game.


We do not accept payments by credit or debit card.

Payments can be made in cash or through MbWay.


The game requires only reasoning and skill, and the use of force is inappropriate.


Participants should not misuse the game objects that could cause damage to the space or to themselves.


During the game, no other objects can be used apart from those available in the game area. Participants will be asked to leave their personal belongings at the reception in a secure location.


Each game will be monitored through an internal video circuit.


Given the nature of the game, participants will be locked inside a scenario specifically designed for this purpose.

However, the space will be immediately opened if requested or in case of need or emergency.


Participants can contact the staff member who is supervising the game (room master) at any time.


Participants must follow the instructions of the room master.


Have Fun and Great Escapes! 


Choosing to play, the participant is assuming the understanding and acceptance of these rules.